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Product Liability

Throughout our history in Mississippi and Tennessee, Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC has substantial experience defending businesses, corporations, companies and manufacturers against strict liability claims involving injuries from a variety of allegedly dangerous or defective products.

The product liability defense attorneys of Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC have been called upon by national corporations and insurance companies to defend claims which have included the following allegations:

Auto and Truck Defects - including defects in vehicle design (e.g., rollover accidents) and defects in part design (e.g., tires, treads, brakes, axles, gas tank location, airbags and other safety features).

Motorcycle and All-Terrain Vehicle Defects - including defects in vehicle design (e.g., ATV rollover accidents) and defects in part design (e.g., motorcycle and ATV tires).

Defective Manufacturing Equipment - including defective industrial machinery (e.g., unsafe punches, malfunctioning presses, defective forklifts and conveyor belts).

Dangerous Consumer Products - including defective products and failure to warn cases (e.g., choking hazards and flammable children's clothing).

Dangerous Pharmaceuticals - including defective formula and failure to warn cases involving adverse drug effects.

Dangerous Medical Devices - including defective medical equipment (e.g., diagnostic and treatment devices used in hospitals and doctor's offices).

The attorneys of Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC have achieved an enviable track record of success in their defense of strict product liability and negligence cases.  For further information regarding specific legal services or to inquire as to the firm's availability, please contact Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC today.

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