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Criminal Defense

Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC represents persons and corporations that have been accused or convicted of committing federal state and local crimes.  They also represent clients in state courts, and before administrative agencies and tribunals.  Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC attorneys represent both individual and corporate clients during all states of federal, state and local criminal prosecutions and post-conviction relief matters, including pre-indictment investigations, proffers of evidence, pre-trial litigation, jury and non-jury trials, sentencing hearings, direct and discretionary appeals, habeas corpus actions, sentence reductions and modifications, early-terminations and alleged violations of probation and supervised release, both civil and criminal asset-forfeiture actions, and international extraditions.  They take a very aggressive approach to defending clients, and have achieved outstanding results for them.

The attorneys of Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC have the skill and experience in criminal matters such as:

Pre-Indictment Investigations - including criminal investigative protocol evaluations, financial accountings, asset analyses, drug and narcotic quantifications, and recorded witness interviews.

Pre-Trial Motions Practice - including contending that the allegations in an indictment are insufficiently pled or that the venue of prosecution is improper; that evidence is illegally seized by federal or state law enforcement agents; or that the Government is attempting to improperly use a client's criminal history against him or her to besmirch that client's character or to enhance the penalties against the client.

Trials - including forcing the Government to prove each and every charge in the information or indictment beyond a reasonable doubt; cross-examining each and every witness whom the Government calls to testify at that trial.

Pre-Sentence Investigations and Sentence Mitigation - including formally objecting to information contained in the Pre-sentence Report.

Direct and Discretionary Appeals - including reviewing the complete record in each client's case, and using our extensive knowledge and understanding of federal law and procedure to identify, raise and aggressively pursue each and every viable issue on appeal.

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