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With offices in Mississippi and Tennessee, Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC provides value-based, quality legal defense services to insurance companies and their policyholders nationwide, with a focus on first and third-party litigation.

The insurance defense attorneys of Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC have the experience to properly evaluate the potential liability and settlement values of a lawsuit in order to give our clients the legal opinions they require to make informed decisions regarding how to proceed.

In addition, we are capable of working within insurance company budgets and configuring our system so that it is compatible with an insurance company's billing and communication platforms. The firm strives to provide excellent results in a cost-efficient manner, and has been so successful in this regard that billing questions and disputes are practically non-existent.

Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC provides quality representation to insurance companies and their policyholders in the following areas:

  • Bad faith allegations against insurance companies

  • Insurance coverage issues

  • Automobile liability

  • Homeowner liability

  • Business insurance

  • Professional malpractice defense

  • Product liability defense

  • Patent infringement defense

  • Municipality liability

  • City official liability

  • Section 1983 defense

  • Mediation services


The insurance defense attorneys of Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC will zealously represent your interests and keep you informed throughout the legal process. For further information regarding specific legal services or to inquire as to the firm's availability, please contact Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC today.

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When the insurance industry needs a law firm they call us.


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