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A 90-year legacy in Mississippi and Tennessee. 


SINCE 1930


A virtual institution in northern Mississippi since 1930, the defense firm of Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC has been providing a wide range of legal services to businesses and individuals throughout Mississippi and west Tennessee from their offices conveniently located in Oxford, Madison and Hernando, Mississippi, as well as Memphis, Tennessee.





Legal Experience

Our attorneys have the experience necessary to properly value a case (in terms of both the potential jury

verdict range and the reasonable settlement value), assess the risks of litigation, and recommend whether

to attempt a favorable settlement or proceed to trial on the merits.

Trial Experience

Our attorneys have extensive trial experience in state circuit, county and chancery courts and in the federal

court system. They are intimately familiar with the local customs and procedures of all courts in

which they practice in both Mississippi and west Tennessee.

Appellate Experience

The firm has extensive experience with, and has enjoyed many successes in, state and federal courts of appeals

in both Mississippi and Tennessee. Many attorneys seek out the firm to handle appeals on behalf of their

clients; some as appellants and others as respondents.

Honesty and Integrity

The firm has earned a reputation among our colleagues for high ethical standards and effective

representation. Our clients appreciate the firm's honesty and integrity, from the honest case evaluation

as well as our propensity to provide legal services in a cost-effective manner. We are proud of our

reputation for providing high quality legal services in innovative and cost effective ways. 


Clients appreciate the small firm feel and close interaction that keeps them current on the status of

their case throughout their legal procedure. Insurance companies appreciate the firm's ability to accommodate

their system needs for billing and communication.

The firm welcomes all inquiries.

To contact Hickman Goza & Spragins, PLLC, please call the firm at (662) 234-4000 or toll free at (800) 441-1592


The firm can also be contacted by filling out the intake form located on the Contact Us page.


Tel: 800-441-1592

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